Life Play Philosophy

Let’s face it, for many, being totally present in each Now Moment is a totally alien concept. Most of us live somewhere in the future or the past, or are functioning almost totally on autopilot. Mentally and spiritually we are somewhere else at home, in our relationships, or at work. As a result, we miss the fullness and the guidance of the moment we are in. We go about our day with half a mind, and as a result, our relationships, our creativity, and our work suffers.

The purpose of Life Play is to expose everyone to the joy of being totally present, and to provide a method for staying present and open to the wisdom and creativity that surrounds each of us every moment of every day.

We use many improvisational techniques to connect us positively to each moment, and we play “Awareness Games” to both change our perception of the world, and keep us open to the guidance that is constantly being offered to us.

Improvisation and Awareness Games inspire us to interact with Life in a more conscious and meaningful way. When we start consciously playing with life and seeing it as our partner, we become more present, and are able to move through life more purposefully and creatively. We gain the support of others by freely giving our support. We find our answers in the moment by connecting fully to the moment. Creative solutions to challenges become evident because we have a greater awareness of what is actually happening, and are functioning from a “super-consciousness” that opens us to the guidance life has to offer us.

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A New Vision

Through Life Play, we produce a shift in the way we view the world. We move away from the belief that we are victims of life’s events, with things happening TO US, and accept instead that our world is created THROUGH US, through our ability to partner with the world in a creative game of give and take.

Life Play owes much to the basic rules of theatrical improvisation. The same rules improvisers follow on stage to make their scenes work can be applied to life to make our “life scenes” flow smoothly and develop in a more positive direction.

Awareness Games are the natural outgrowth of improvisation as applied to life. They were developed for each person to play by the minute, by the hour, or by the day. We can play these games alone for our own amusement and amazement, with life acting as our partner, guiding us to new revelations about our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and ultimately, a more cooperative relationship with this wonderful expression of life.

Welcome to a new vision for a new world.

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Seminars and Workshops

Through the magic of improv, and its inherent qualities of focusing on absorbing yourself entirely in the now, supporting others, and practicing the principles of give and take, and real listening, we re-train the mind to cooperate with life and find the guidance life has to offer. We want people to get on their feet and actually experience something, Buttons are pushed. Limits are stretched. Discoveries are made. It is taking place for real in the moment. The experience is felt both in the imagination and in a very real physical sense. It’s liberating. And it’s really fun.

Improv is an experience for those watching as much as for the person on the spot. You can’t help but to identify with the person going through the experience because you already went through it, or you know you will be up there shortly going through it yourself. All the false bravado and illusions about who you are that have served to keep you insulated from real experience, drop away as you face the moment head on.

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