Attracting Genius as Your Everyday Guidance

What is this genius that we are attracting?  It’s the creative energy of the universe responding to you and your desires and intentions.  This creative energy is always in complete harmony with your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, whatever they may be. So, if you desire something that is not in harmony with your thoughts, attitudes, or beliefs, you will receive only what you are ready to receive.

It is the nature of the world we experience to create, and to constantly expand through creation.  This creation is directed by each of us acting in our capacity as unique and individual points of creativity existing as part of the whole.  The creative universe guides us to the manifestation of our desires in many creative ways.  We only have to cooperate with this perfectly genius energy, and be willing to accept what we see.

In Improvisation, we use the words “yes, and” to help us give up resistance and accept the moment and the ideas we are experiencing. When we say yes, and, we allow ourselves to move forward instead of backwards or sideways.  We give up arguing with what is. We simply accept it as the truth of the moment, and look for the genius in it.  We allow for new experiences and ideas to surprise us, and lead us to a new understanding of our surroundings. These new understandings are the stuff of genius that we never would have understood if we had not opened ourselves to a willingness to perceive things differently. The trouble is that we think we know better than the universe how something is to manifest. We spend all our time trying to control the outcome instead of just listening for the guidance that is always present and always directing us to the most effective means of manifestation.

The universal creative energy doesn’t talk directly to us in words. (Well some people hear actual voices, like a cartoon character I once played who thought he had leprechauns living in his ears commanding him to do many bizarre things.)  For most of us direction and guidance comes in the form of ideas that come through our own intuition or through interaction with others and with the world.

Genius is present in the Now. The knowledge and brilliant organizing energy of the entire universe is contained in every moment. Unless we are in the flow of the present moment we may find solutions, but they will not necessarily be genius. Most likely they will be based in thinking patterns that have not worked all that well for us in the past.

Let’s see if we can’t discover some approaches to best hear the guidance of the universe which is always genius, because it is coming directly from the creative source; the organizing energy of all that is. Genius energy is within you, around you, in everyone here, and always expressing. You know all the answers to all the questions you will ever ask. You have only to listen to the guidance you are getting, and say “yes” to it. Believe for now that the universal creative energy is working. “Act as if” it is guiding you every moment. Look for the genius in everything.  Relax. Trust.  Have fun.


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