Free Your Spirit

I see myself as a freedom coach. I love helping others find the freedom of their spirit. The feeling of being free is released through the activity of being free. The Life Play Workshops and Seminars use improvisation as the activity that frees you to overcome your fears, and move courageously towards the expression of your authentic self.

Improvisation is our natural mode of expression. We improvise virtually every moment of every day. Most of our scenes are predictable, however, because we repeat predictable behaviors and reactions, but in every moment we are still improvising to one degree or another, because the moment is forever changing, and we are always adapting.

This single fact is what makes our lives a continual source of creativity. We are at choice in every moment, and every choice we make, every word we speak, every thought we think contributes to the life we are in the process of creating. So, my question is, if we are always improvising, wouldn’t we all be better off knowing how to improvise effectively?

Improvisation demands that we stay in the moment by listening and responding in the moment without judgment. In improv and in Life, choices should always based upon the idea of moving forward and contributing to the greater good. We set our intentions, but give up control over any result and focus instead on being present, and accepting each moment as part of a greater process.

As part of our creative nature, each of us has a unique voice that longs to be expressed and recognized. We all have a direct relationship to a Universal Creative Energy that is always seeking to work through us, and use us to expand Its own creative nature. It is our connection to this Universal Energy that inspires us to fearlessly express our personal truth.

In The Life Play Seminars, we concentrate on providing a safe space for everyone to step out of their comfort zones. Our goal has always been to help everyone to get in touch The Now, experience their inner sense of freedom, break out of any personal limitations or learned behaviors, and become comfortable in expressing their authentic selves.

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