When I was looking up into the trees at a recent Practitioner’s Retreat in the mountains near Los Angeles, I began thinking of perspective. The birds that live up in those branches see the overview of the same land I see only from a flat perspective. Perspective is context. From a higher vantage point, we have a wider scope of vision, a greater context in which to evaluate the lay of the land. It is a new viewing position that allows for new perspective on the same land you are standing on. The native Americans valued this idea of perspective very highly. The Hawk and the Eagle were symbols of soaring above to get the larger view of life. In dreams, we often have images of flying. This imagery, most dream analysts will tell you symbolizes getting an overview on life. In fact, even the winds and currents that eagles and hawks soar upon are often referred to as the winds of intuition.
What we are looking for in trying to get a new perspective is balance and understanding. We need a map of the land. We need to get our bearings so to speak. We need to sense our place in the bigger picture. How do we fit in? How do our thoughts and intentions, our dreams and accomplishments fit in? Perspective gives us answers to questions that have confused us over time. Why? Who am I? is it OK? What difference does it all make?
The bigger picture allows us to see that it everything is connected. There is an intelligent energy that runs in all and through all, and it is in harmony with itself. It is perfect balance in expression. The trees and plants work in perfect harmony with the elements of nature, and with the animals who live in and around them. They provide shade to those who dwell under them. They provide beauty for a soul in need of inspiration. Everything feeds every other thing.
But when we lose the perspective of how things work together as one, we, sooner or later, find ourselves off kilter, out of balance, off course, and out of harmony. We lose our connection, and soon find ourselves offering resistance to the life we are trying to create. We get hung up on the form our dreams take instead of the direction. We want it, but we don’t want it that way. We want it the way we think it should happen. We lose sight of the fact that we’re getting where we want to go, but on a path we didn’t anticipate and don’t like.
In challenging times like this, we need to practice acceptance. Accept that what you want is unfolding perfectly despite appearances. We must stay focused on the overview of what we want, and resist nothing. Let all of it, the good and the bad, flow through you, and keep moving on. We are channels, vessels for life as it unfolds. To hang onto a specific emotion or feeling, or thought or memory is to lose the present moment and the feelings and thoughts and memories that are in the making in this moment. Instead of hanging on to a thought or feeling, we need to trust that what needs to stick will stick. The important things in life resonate with you in perfect perspective and clarity. The rest will rise for you to meet them when they are needed. There is an organizing energy that knows how to cooperate with you and your specific life path. When you set intentions whether they are conscious or subconscious, the universe begins putting them into action in the form of a harmonious unfolding of events that are meant to produce your desires, but in ways you might never expect.
Allow yourself to float and glide over your life. Learn to get perspective by becoming the detached watcher from above. From a distance, you will get perspective on what it is you are doing. You will be able to see exactly how life has been cooperating with you. You will begin to see the ways you are blocking the flow of your own intentions as they attempt to manifest. You will recognize the gifts that have been lying unrecognized in your tunnel-visioned view of how you have decided how things should unfold. You will open to inspirational guidance that is coming at you all the time. You will understand exactly how you set things into motion, and how they are manifesting exactly the way you thought they would. Your consciousness is filled with thoughts and dreams you want to experience as well as those you really don’t want. The law of attraction doesn’t care if you want them or not. If you spend your time thinking about them, you will get them. We all get whatever we think about. Perspective allows you to see what that is, and how it’s working in your life.
Take time every day to contemplate your direction. Get perspective by going to the highest point you can find, your Highest Self. You can get there through meditation, journaling, contemplation, conversation, or any other way that frees you to see life from another perspective. Once there insist that your higher self speaks to you and allows you to see things clearly from that higher vantage point. It will pay off in spades. As you see life from a higher viewpoint, you become the watcher and observer of your life. From there, you will begin to see the entire field of action from the detached distance that gives true perspective and wisdom.

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